Do you feel overwhelmed? My story.

2 min readOct 12, 2020

Well me, yes. Still am. And I always end up why am I suffering? I have a lot of things but why can’t I enjoy moments. I’m not saying hours, days, weeks or months. Just that moment.

Here’s my story. I am a university student. My grammar as you can see not excellent. However, I have a boyfriend that we communicate in English. Pretty crazy right? Like what was I thinking? Well it’s another story, not today’s. So as a university student, I really am suffering. Crying, anxiety, panic attacks, depression are my main best friends. Imagine a girl who needs to study… Now imagine that girl crying before studying. Every. Single. Time. Yes it’s tiring. Moreover, she starts crying middle of studying too. Do you know what’s the worst? I study. Yes I’m crying but studying. Yet still I fail every time. People are studying for 3h for an exam and relaxed and passes with A. Meanwhile me studying 12h maybe days and weeks and boom. Here’s an F for you.

I have a friend. She’s sooooooo relaxed about everything and you cannot imagine how I envy her every time. Now she’s studying and working at the same time. I cannot even study and success and there she’s doing them both. Anyway, back to the overwhelmed story. Actually there is nothing to tell. I’m overwhelmed. I don’t even know why did I write these things. Nothing helps me to decrease it. But at least I’ve learnt to live with it. Cause I realized I’m not alone. Not at all. Especially If you read this too… You’re not alone either. I’m here. Just find me and then we can make fun of my life!