ErHow to do Erasmus in Germany?

4 min readOct 13, 2020

Deutschland. From a perspective of a third world country citizen, being in Europe was my dream since highschool. I was dreaming going there, making connections… but most importantly living like a real person. Feeling that you matter and you are important to them.

So how to do it? How was it? Was it hard to adapt? I’ll give all of the answers in this article. (Well I don’t know if you could call this an article.)

Mainly, I want to remind all of you guys that I really am not a successful student and probably I won’t be. If your english or maybe your german is good, you will be nailing it! It’s definitely a friendly reminder: If I did it, so can you!!!

Well, so let’s begin…So first rule is: be careful about what matters. In my university the grades were not that important for Erasmus+ programme. On the other hand, we were obligated to enter an English exam(with all grammar, reading, listening etc.). That was the moment I told myself “you got this.” For an example to this, I had a friend, and oh maaaaan her grades were killing. She was super successful and everyone in class was getting notes from her. She was a real nerd. Anyway, her English was not that good (also mine is not awesome but I’m surviving aren’t I?). So she didn’t fail but she did not got a high grade. Our school system is a bit weird so I was on top of the list. Even tho my…