Things You Don’t Know about Erasmus

3 min readNov 10, 2020

In 2019, I’ve moved another continent, another country and another city for doing Erasmus. Yes, it was amazing even though in March, a.k.a bloody Corona starting times. However, there were several things I didn’t know about it yet. Firstly, I’ve stayed in a dorm and we had to share bathroom and kitchen with 7 people(me including). It was not shiny times not gonna lie. So the first thing I’ve realized is: if there is a party in your kitchen you screwed… Mainly the parties starts around 7 pm. It’s the time I eat fellas. So if there is a party in the kitchen; I’m basically starving to death and waiting for someone to find my death body. I’m not a party person so I usually join there, see my friends talk a little bit then it’s time to leave for me. That’s why it was a big struggle at first. Then I made a plan for this and stock food in my room for emergencies. Although I’ve end up eating them in the day I put them, it was a good move.

Second thing you should know is, if there was a party in your kitchen, you may say goodbye to your deposit. Cause party people are crazy and yes some of them are animals. I remember the next day I went to kitchen and found the microwave on the floor giving it’s last breath… It was a sad moment for both of us. Don’t even ask… And the kitchen was smelly, lots of bear bottles, lots of toiler papers(??????) and many other things that you can imagine. For example, I don’t know how and what happened but a few things of mine were missing so you got to be careful about it

Third one that I’m going to mention is, yes it is cheap to travel with Ryanair, EasyJet time to time… but it’s not free… Also the place you’re going to stay is going to be expensive. And the roads… You have to keep everything in mind and you got to make your budget calculations about it. And don’t forget to look where you’re going… You may get lost when you see the low budget plane ticket(I’m not kidding I bought a ticket Berlin to Milan for 6€… Seriously…). So find a friend who is volunteer to travel around with you and make sure you’re making your class schedules to visit everywhere. For example mine was great: Monday no class and on Friday I had only one morning class which attendance was not mandatory so yes!!

Fourth, even though it is an adventure, the truth is: you have a lot of responsibilities. Classes can be hard cause you probably going to face with different education system. You have to adopt the language and culture a little bit, you will try to make friends and meantime travel and keep your grades high(or let’s be real. You will think like everybody else and will be saying “C’s get degrees. Passing will be enough”). Of course depends on your school but keep that in mind, if you fail of every class of yours, you may have to pay back scholarship/grant that they gave you.

There will be boring times with government papers and registration etc. Don’t give up cause they are also reality. And don’t ever to do them in a country like Germany or Austria. Cause they record it and they may give you money penalty(yes I got one…).

Oh and last but not least, if you like to travel and party a lot bring a small purse and small containers for your trips and parties. They will be saving your lives believe me.

Have a beautiful life!